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  • Jia Xiong Zhu: Research Associate Vice Chairman of China Preschool Education
  • Shu Ying Li: Chairman of China Montessori Experts Association
  • Lan Hung: Director of Cognitive Neuroscience Research Institute at National Central University
  • Kimitoshi Matsuura: Head trainer of Japan Montessori institute
  • Jian Jun Li: Director of the Ergonomics of the University of Southern California
  • Kun Shan Li: Ph.D of Early Childhood Education in America Southern Illinois University
  • Ya Peng Wong: Ph.D of Psychology, Beijing Normal University
  • Yun Xiang Yu: Founder of Taiwan’s Montessori Foundation
  • Sharon Keenan: Member of the Academic Committee for the Toronto Montessori Institute
  • Deborah Gillesple: Director of Maria Montessori School in Victoria Canada
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