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JiaXiong Zhu (Chinese)
Professor of East China Normal University, Research Association vice chairman of China Preschool Education and the member of the Academic Committee. Presided over the research project: the research and practice of pre-professional training objectives, specifications and curriculum programs (Ministry of Education project), early childhood education reform experiment (Ministry of Education project).
Shuying Li (Chinese)
Chairman of China Montessori Experts Association; AssociateProfessor of School of Education at Beijing Normal University; Executive Deputy Director of Early Childhood Education Committee, China Senior Professors Association; Team Leader of experimental study on Montessori education sinicization; the first Vice President of Chinese Montessori International.
Lan Hung (Tai Wan)
Mrs Hung accepted postdoctoral trainings in Yale University’s Haskins Laboratories and the neurology department at UC Irvine's School of Medicine. Later, she worked as a research professor at UC Riverside and a professor of Institute of Neuroscience at National Yang-Ming University. Currently, she is the director of Cognitive Neuroscience Research Institute at National Central University, and chair professor of National Central University and University System of Taiwan.
Kimitoshi Matsuura (Japanese)
He is a leading Montessori promoter in Japan as well as the Head of Matsuura Gakuen Montessori School. He has been a chief trainer for Japan Montessori Institute Montessori Teacher Training Center for 25 years and now senior researcher for Japan Montessori Institute. He has written 5 books and 2 DVDs about Montessori education for both parents and educators.
JianJun Li (Chinese)
He studied the chinese three classic——Buddhism, Confuciaism and Taoism in a very young age. And delve into the advanced Western astronomy, geography, medical technology studies. Former UNESCO consultant, director of the ergonomics of the University of Southern California, A visiting professor at the Center for American Studies, Fudan University, in Shanghai, Author of several best-selling books such as《The central axis: the body's balance and fitness》.
KunShan Li (American)
PhD, holds diplomas in Spanish and Chinese, a M.S. and Ph.D. in Early Childhood. Sandra has thirteen years experience in the role of Children’s House head teacher at Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School in Massachusetts, USA, where she is also the creator and director of Language Immersion Program. She is a Teacher Educator at Montessori Institute‐New England in Massachusetts, USA. She is specializing in children’s development, children’s literature, early childhood curriculum and instruction, and language immersion programs.
YaPeng Wong (Chinese)
Doctor of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, The post-doctoral of the the University of Washington, main research areas: brain science and education, brain plasticity, bilingual learning and processing. A member of the Chinese Psychological Society.
Yunxiang Yu (Tai Wan)
In 1970s, Mrs Yu went to Italy to study Montessori education training courses of three to six years old children as well as six to twelve years old children, having almost 50 years of teaching experiences. In 1978, she jointly created Montessori Foundation in Taiwan. She once worked as lecturer in many normalcollegesandschools in Taiwan and Montessori Teacher Studies Center, having educated numerous Montessori teachers. Now, the Head of Chinese Studies, Wisdom International Education Group.
Sharon Louise Keenan (Canadian)
A highly respected Montessori voice in the international community, with 40 years of Montessori experiences as a teacher, trainer, examiner and lecturer through North America, Europe and Asia. She was once appointed as a member of the Accreditation Team for the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) and a member of the Academic Committee for the Toronto Montessori Institute, Toronto, Canada. Now, the Academic Consultant of Wisdom International Education Group.
Deborah Gillespie (Canadian)
With over 25 years of experiences in Montessori education and training, Deborah Gillespie once worked as the director of Angela Martin Montessori Training Centre, Victoria, B.C., senior consultant of The Edge of Montessori Education in Victoria, and a director of Maria Montessori School in Victoria. Now, the Course Director of International Montessori Teaching Institute, Wisdom International Education Group.



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