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The Grand Opening Ceremony of JDM Shanghai Campus 2017-11-15

On Nov. 15, the grand opening ceremony of Jiade Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten, Jinshan Campus of Shanghai, was held. Distinguished guests from AMS, Wisdom Group, Education Bureau of Jinshan District, Bureau of Civil Affairs of Jinshan District, and representatives of parents attended this ceremony.



In the beginning of the ceremony, A VCR about Wisdom International Education Group (The parent organization of JDM) was presented. Through this VCR, the guests knew about our advanced educational philosophy and development plan. And they gave highly of our vision of “Inheritor of Centennial Classics, Developer of World Citizens”.


美国蒙台梭利协会前任执行长Richard Ungerer先生作了热情洋溢的发言,他说:“蒙台梭利关于幼儿教育的思想,让我们看到了她的博大与包容,提倡尊重幼儿自然成长的规律,每一个孩子都是独立的个体。蒙台梭利教育的目标即是把孩子培养成一位能尊重他人、自信且独立、赋有创造力亦有好奇心、会主动学习且有责任感的人,相信拥有这些能力的孩子在未来都会成为一名优秀的世界公民。”

Mr. Richard Ungerer, the former Executive Director of American Montessori Society (AMS) gave a speech with great passion. He said:“Montessori education is widely recognized as effective in cultivating skills required for students to be successful in a globally interdependent world for the 21st century, including creativity, innovation, teamwork, resilience, and cultural competencies.”



Wu Ying, the CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection under Education Bureau of Jinshan District, gave a speech to send her congratulations on the grand opening of JDM Shanghai Campus. Madam Wu wished that JDM Shanghai Campus could be the model of private high-end education organizations for Jinshan District with its advanced educational philosophy and teaching method.



Madam Doris Cheng, the Executive Director of WIEG wished that JDM, Shanghai Campus keep the high standards of Wisdom Group, and provide a happy and healthy learning environment for the children.



Later on, the children and teachers of JDM Shanghai Capmus gave wonderful performance to the guests and gained loud applause.


上午十一时,剪彩仪式隆重举行,前任美国蒙台梭利协会执行长Richard Ungerer、美国蒙台梭利协会理事会副主席Dane Peters、金山区教育局纪委书记吴颖、威德国际教育集团董事长吴思慧等上台剪彩。

At 11:00am, Richard Ungerer (former Executive Director of American Montessori Society, AMS), Dane Peters (Vice President of AMS), Wu Ying (the CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection under Education Bureau of Jinshan District) , and Shirley Wu (Chairlady of Wisdom Group) jointly cut the ribbon to declare the opening of the JDM Shanghai Campus.


开园典礼结束后,嘉德蒙台梭利双语幼儿园举行了家长分享会,前任美国蒙台梭利协会执行长Richard Ungerer做了关于蒙台梭利教育理念的专题分享。现场座无虚席,家长们就蒙台梭利教育的课程体系设置、如何进行亲子指导学习等问题展开提问,Richard Ungerer先生和Dane Peters先生耐心解答。两个多小时的家长分享会,不知不觉地结束了,家长们的疑虑化为了声声赞叹。

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Richard Ungerer shared the Montessori Education philosophy with parents in the Parent Info session. The parents enthusiastically attended the Session and warmly communicated with Mr. Richard Ungerer on Montessori teaching method, how to instruct children at home, etc. Mr. Richard Ungerer and Mr. Dane Peters patiently answered their questions and cleared their doubts. Two hours’ session ended before the parents’ knowing, they were reluctant to say goodbye to these two honorable experts and gave them loud applause.



JDM Shanghai Campus located at No. 1888, Jinshan Avenue, Jinshan District, Shanghai. It is the first affiliated kindergarten of Wisdom Group in Shanghai, and follows the high standards of JDM with well-designed buildings, advanced facilities, amicable teachers. More important, it is following one of the world’s most popular teaching methods and makes it quite different from traditional kindergartens. Montessori Method is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment.




Maria Montessori said:” Education is to inspire life, to enrich life, to help the children with their own strength to survive, and to help them develop the spirit.” Following the spirit of Montessori, JDM Shanghai campus will provide high qualified education to our kids.

Wish Your Children Happy Every Day in JDM Shanghai Campus!